"Live, Love, Learn"

Every day we wake up is a blessing.

We get 24 hours to live our lives to the fullest, and after those 24, we get 24 more the next day.

I firmly believe that we humans can accomplish anything we put our minds to. It’s all about how bad you want it and how much time and dedication you put into it.

Life is a journey that comes with no road maps. I’ve learned that the quicker you learn to adapt to life’s constant changes, the happier you will be.

There’s no time for regrets. Live, Love, Learn.

I’m a son, husband, brother, and proud father, who’s far from perfect, but is constantly bettering himself.

I wish you and yours nothing but the best.

If you are ever confused or doubt what to do next in your life, all you have to do is look up to the sky and ask God for his guidance.

He will deliver, trust me.


My Current Projects

Devuelta a mis raices

Después de muchos años alejado de la escena nocturna, he decidido volver a ella. Pero en lugar de hacer eventos nocturnos semanales, he optado por una ruta menos intensiva. Me he asociado con una persona de renombre y muy respetada en la industria. El Señor Mauricio Rocha.

Cuando solía ser anfitrión de eventos, mi enfoque principal era asegurarme que mis invitados se la pasaran bien, lo que hizo que esta asociación con Mauricio fuera orgánica ya que ambos compartimos los mismos valores. Nos encanta brindarles a los latinos una gran experiencia cuando asisten a un evento.

Mucho ha cambiado desde la ultima vez que promocioné un evento, pero una cosa ha permanecido igual: la gente quiere pasar un buen rato, y eso, amigos, yo sé hacerlo.

Así que espero que puedan apoyarme en este nuevo capítulo y asistir el 25 de Febrero, 2022 a el Ocean Side Club (Anitugo Lidos) para celebrar el Día de la Independencia de la República Dominicana con uno de los mejores artistas de la Bachata, Zacarias Ferreira.


Back to my Roots

After many years away from the night scene, I’ve decided to go back to it. But instead of doing weekly night events, I have chosen a less intensive route. I have partnered up with a reputable and highly respected person in the industry. Mr. Mauricio Rocha. 

When I used to host events, my main focus was to ensure that my guest had a great time, which made this partnership with Mauricio organic since both of our values aligned; we love to provide Latinos with a great experience when they come out to an event. 

A lot has changed since I promoted an event, but one thing has stayed the same: people want to have a good time, and that my friends, I know how to do.

So I hope you can join me in this new chapter and come out on February 25th, 2022, at Ocean Side (Old Lidos, Old Wonderland) to celebrate The Dominican Republic Independence Day with one of Bachata’s top artists Zacarias Ferreira. 

Thank you.